Explore • Create • Enjoy

Explore • Create • Enjoy started out of a desire to share the special places and experiences that take place outside our daily routines. It’s a mindset and a mantra for getting out and getting creative; a reminder to step out, make things, and savor the moments along the way.

Explore Create Enjoy logo: get out and get creative

The brand mark combines a mountain and an espresso cup to convey the spirit of adventure and savoring of special moments and small things. It's also a personal expression of my own passions and outlook on life.

Products & Materials

The Explore • Create • Enjoy brand is a vehicle for sharing the things I'm passionate about in tangible ways, such as photo calendars, t-shirts, local guidebooks, as well as fun little items like coasters and stickers.

Explore Create Enjoy coaster Calendar, t-shirt and mug custom tumbler glass

North Shore Guidebook

A somewhat-satirical guide to my home turf north of Boston. View here.

North Shore Guidebook

Photo Calendars

Started in 2019, these have become an annual tradition for me. Based on demand, I've divided them into a North Shore Calendar and a Outdoor Adventure Calendar.

photo calendar World Outside photo calendar


Explore Create Enjoy t-shirt Photo of misty mountain trail with logo