Career & Connection Institute Branding

The Career and Connection Institute is a new initiative at Gordon that revamps the professional development offerings they'd had in the past. My goal was to develop branding and identity for the Institute that communicates its focus on holistic, faith-based vocational discernment and development, and presents the Institute as a robust, relevant, and valuable resource.


Career and Connection Institute Logo

The logo aims to present the idea of holistic development through a mosaic or patchwork with the curved break hinting at an upward trajectory.

Branded Materials

example of web screen example of web screen example of web screen example of web screen

Physical Space Branding

We installed a dimensional logo and vinyl pattern applications for the accent wall in the primary shared-use collaborative space.

Branded wall in CCI office

For the interior meeting room, thematic artwork was developed around the phrase "You Are Here," which the program uses as as a grounding concept to help students focus and start fresh.

You Are Here wall in CCI office