Digital Campaign for Music Degrees

In my role at Gordon I helped lead digital marketing campaigns for the graduate degree in Music Education as well as the undergraduate music performance programs. This included landing page design and digital ad design, placement and strategy.

This was a big shift for the graduate program especially, as it had so far relied on ads in radio and print, which were impossible to track or evaluate. Going digital gave us much more granular targeting parameters as well as metrics of success.

Landing Page:

The ads for the graduate program all led to this landing page which prominently features a short contact form that allows the program director to reach out to interested students.

Grad Music landing page

Digital ads:

We used demographics such as location, interests, and job title (teachers) to get our ads in front of a relevant audience. In addition to these visual ads, we also ran Google AdWords which help us get in front of people searching for a program like ours.

Social ads for Grad music program Social ads for music scholarships

The digital campaign proved to be an effective method of raising awareness of our programs as well as collecting leads. We found the softer calls-to-action such as contact forms were the easiest to convert on, whereas steps involving more commitment, such as applying, worked better as reminders amid a mix of other communication channels.