Digital Lookbook

I designed and developed a digital "lookbook" for Gordon College that uses ambient video to bring photos to life. As a visitor scrolls down the page, still photography springs into motion, revealing short ambient vignettes.

W3 Award Silver Winner 2016 Gordon Lookbook on a laptop

Watch the page in action:

HTML5 Video for Living Photos

We knew we wanted to incorporate multimedia to take advantage of the digital medium. But rather than create a standalone "movie" that would simply be featured on the page, we decided to seamlessly integrate video into the presentation itself. HTML5 allowed us to play short, silent vignettes inline, with complete control of the presentation. Using javascript, the videos stay paused until they come into view, giving the effect of a photograph springing to life.

Full Page:

Keep in mind that most images in this screenshot are videos in the live page

screenshot of lookbook

Visit the live page